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Content Quality Criteria for Your Employees

content quality criteria

This example point system can help you share with your employees before creating content for your company blog. There are ten questions available that they can ask themselves about their content before coming to you or reviewing the process before publishing them. This will allow you to improve content quality by criteria.

This article will be helpful for companies that give bonus payments to their employees when they create content for them.

İlyas Özkurt

I already know that there are many SEO-sensitive content quality criteria too. But please do not forget that your developers, designers, and employees can not know SEO stuff and these criteria. So, I write here quality improver criteria for a standard beginner writer. If you want to deep-dive into SEO-sensitive content creation you should watch this video.

The Criteria List

The contents prepared to be published on the Company’s blog should be evaluated according to the following criteria. Each criterion corresponds to 10 points, and content with a total of 70 points or more is published on the blog.

Before the content is sent for the approval of the editorial team, a self-review is expected by the author as a preliminary review.

1 — Is the content original?

The originality of the content is one of the most critical issues. Although the article’s subject may have been discussed before, the narrative and perspective are expected to be as original as possible. It is also included in this expectation that the information that we can find in the technology-related technology documentation is not written when topics such as software and technology are discussed.

2 — Is the content helpful to readers? Would you cite this content if it were you?

The content produced is expected to generate added value and benefit the reader.

3 — Is the content of appropriate length?

The written text is expected to be of appropriate length. According to a study on Medium, it has been determined that the content whose text length can be consumed in 5–12 minutes is the content that receives the most interaction.

Medium says the average reading speed for an adult is around 265 words per minute. If you follow this general rule, you should write content that can be consumed between 5 and 12 minutes. Medium’s research says the ideal story length is 7 minutes.

Here’s the research and results of the Medium.


4 — Is the content architecture organized logically?

It is expected that the subject written in terms of composition and information architecture is written by the introduction, development, and conclusion composition while pouring into the content.

5 — Does the content include a solution to a problem we encountered?

The fact that the written content solves a problem means that the reader encounters the relevant content during his research at the time of a problem. It will be precious for the reader that the content offers a solution by pointing to a pain point.

6 — Does the content actively engage an audience?

The content written is expected to have a predicted readership. Again, this is a factor that reinforces the purpose of producing the content.

7 — Is the described situation or technology used indoors?

The fact that the described situation or technology is used inside means that the pros and cons of the narrative can be evaluated much more healthily. In addition, exemplifying the topics through real-life examples will increase the impact of the content produced.

8 — Is the content correct in terms of spelling rules? Is the layout of the content aesthetically right?

The spelling rules and proper typesetting increase readability, but it will also show the quality of the content we produce in terms of writing techniques. The title architecture and spelling rules are expected to be appropriately applied in this respect.

9 — Does the content contain content-related multimedia?

Visuals and videos are the supporting elements that you can use in the content to enrich the content and the components that increase the readability of the content and facilitate the narration of technical issues. The relevant subject’s images, diagrams, and videos are expected to be used as much as possible within the content.

10 — Are we sure that the information in the content is correct?

It is expected that the information on the technical and non-negotiable subjects needs to be precise and clear. It is expected that there will not be any information errors that will harm the image of the author and the Company.

Thank you for your time.

I hope this content quality criteria list may help you with this case 🙂

Ilyas Ozkurt

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