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Sending Bulk Messages in Hubilo

Sending Bulk Message in Hubilo

Hubilo is an event platform that allows event owners to make their events online. It’s really successful in its area. You can visit Hubilo’s website by clicking here. When you want to send bulk messages in Hubilo there is no option to do this. But with this method, you can do it by yourself.

Sending Bulk Message in Hubilo Platform
Sending Bulk Message in Hubilo Platform

In Hubilo events, there is a leaderboard system that allows platform owners to make competitions between participants. When participants view other people’s profiles, get some points. When sending a message get points etc. Sometimes event owners give some gifts by this leaderboard. You can use these scripts as you want.

When participants or attendees want to send messages bulky there is no option to do it. When they want to do this they need to do it one by one. I’m giving them a chance to do it bulky with a script.

I already tested this code. Actually, I wrote this code 🙂

View All Attendee Profiles

This code that I wrote below views all attendee profiles. When you run this code, the browser will do lots of requests for viewing profiles. So, you need to wait until it finishes.

Sending Bulk Message to All Attendees

This script allows you to send messages bulky. Message field limited by 300 chars. You need to split your message.

Here is the code:

How Can You Send Bulky Messages In Hubilo?

  • First, log in to the event platform which uses Hubilo
  • You need to paste these codes to the console. (You can learn by clicking here how to access the console on the browser.)
  • Run the script that allows you “Sending Bulk Message in Hubilo”
  • Watch the console.

I hope you enjoy these scripts. Maybe you want to see my other posts by clicking here.

See you at the next tutorial!

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